KNOX COUNTY MUSEUM OF EDUCATION Honor Roll Induction Ceremony and 13th Birthday Celebration

You are invited to attend the Second Honor Roll Induction Ceremony of the Knox County Museum of Education.  The ceremony will be Thursday, October 25, 2018 at 4:00 pm in the Great Room of the Sarah Simpson Professional Development Technology Center (former South High School) 801 Tipton Avenue, next to Dogwood Elementary School in South Knoxville.  The Knox County Museum of Education is a hands on museum dedicated to collecting, inventorying, and displaying anything of a historical value pertaining to Knox County and Knoxville Schools.  You will find displayed many school yearbooks, scrapbooks, photographs, school jackets and sweaters, sports uniforms, band uniforms, cheerleader uniforms, school programs, trophies and memorabilia of all sorts.


Each of the new Honor Roll Inductees had a hand in either education directly or contributing to the Museum directly, and in many cases doing both.  This year’s inductees are:


Earl Hoffmeister -- deceased, former teacher, coach and School         Superintendent.


Ron Allen -- deceased, self-motivated Knox County and Knoxville City Historian and major KCME contributor.


Michael van Vuuren -- volunteer, contributor, former Board Member and current KCME Administrative Clerk.


Walter Mencer – former teacher, school band director and school administrator.


Anne Meek – former teacher, school principal and major contributor.


Dr. Margie Le Coultre – former teacher, school principal, school administrator, volunteer, contributor and current Board Member.


Loretta Crowder – volunteer, contributor and display designer.


Wayne Smith – volunteer, contributor and current Board Chair.


Wayne Keener – volunteer, contributor and board member.


Dick McPherson – volunteer, contributor and board member.


Horace Grissom --  volunteer, contributor and ‘white notebook’ specialist.


Alan Webb – volunteer, contributor and inventory entry specialist.


The evening’s Master of Ceremonies will be Sue Boyer, school supervisor, school accreditation, volunteer, contributor, KCME co-founder, and KCME Board member.  Performing the honor of handing out medallions and certificates is former School Administrator and Superintendent, and KCME co-founder, Roy Mullins. The evening’s ceremony includes light horderves and ticket price is a tax deductible donation of only $25 per person.  This donation can be used as yearly membership to Friends of the Museum, an In Honor of donation, or an In Memory of donation.  Help us celebrate this special occasion with your attendance.  To RSVP or for more information about the Induction Ceremony, contact the Director, Mrs. Benna van Vuuren at the Museum at (865)579-8264, ext. 5., or via e-mail at