The Museum depends on donations from everyone be it your high school annuals, letter jacket, class ring, school magezines, school newspaper, school desk, collection of key club photographs, etc. We want to expand our collection so that every school open and closed will be represented and none will get lost and forgotten. When you are looking through your old school memories, pause, then say "I could donate this to the Museum and then everyone can share in why my schools days were the best."

The Museum is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit.

All Donations are Tax-Deductable


How Can I donate?

Glad you asked. You can donate in following 5 ways.

  1. Direct donation of School Artifacts: Photographs, yearbooks, reunion records, newspapers, literary magazines, textbooks, memorabilia, letter jackets, jerseys, trophies, money and even office supplies (all donations are tax deductible) Just come by the museum and bring us what you have to give. There's a short form to fill out so we can track your donation and give you credit/acknowledgement for your generosity.

  2. Donation via this website. Click the Donate button Below. This is a one time donation.

Donate now
  • You can become a Friend of the Museum. It's a yearly membership fee. As one of the Friends of the Museum you will be given a permanent discount in the Museum Bookstore of 10% off and 20% off on all fundraising events like our Sock Hop, for instance. Friends of the Museum will receive a special code for online transactions through the website.


membership payment
  • KCME Adopt-A-Case:
    You can help fund the everyday operations of the KCME. As you walk through the halls outside the museum you will notice the wooden display cases for school memorabilia. You can adopt a case for $350 per case, we will mount a brass plate with your name on each case that you adopt. Your donation will be recorded in a permanent register and displayed in the Museum.

  • Donations In Memory Of / In Honor Of
    This is a special way to make a donation in/for the name of a loved one, living or passed. You may add a tribute (up to 10 words) to accompany the donation. The name of the honoree, tribute, donor and amount will be recorded in a permanent "Book of Remembrances" which is display in the Museum.

Memorial Donation Payment