Welcome to Spring and April

I Admit it. I had planned for this to be a monthly blog.

But I have now allowed two months to go by in silence.

The Museum has had it’s share of illness and troubles for February and March.

But we are back on track and things are beginning to wake up with the coming of spring.

We are beginning our planning for the Sock Hop coming up May 31st. We are planning on having the event in a smaller space closer to the Museum. DJ “Smokin’ Bill” Rutherford with DJ the music for the night. Raffling some records/CDs for the event. We are looking into having Catered food as well. There will also be a silent auction and tours of the Museum.

Since it is Spring, we are engaging in spring cleaning. We’re in the process of cleaning out our workroom and storage areas. We have designs on redoing the layout of the Museum to include a full old-timey classroom setup. Introduce the narrative of how Education in Knox County came to be by displaying our collection in chronological order as Knox County moved from the one-room school house into the County and City Schools and back again into one system.

We have plans for adding a small sound studio in order to host a weekly pod-cast focused around Educational History and local color. Stay tuned for more on this. We’ll be doing some targeted fundraising for this project as we’ll have to purchase the recording equipment.

We’re busy but we always have the time for a visit from all of you. Come down and have a complimentary (free) cup of coffee and chat with our volunteers and Director.