Winter and the New Year, 2019

Welcome to 2019!

A New year has begun. We’ve made resolutions that we want to keep, some will be unreachable and some will change so much that by the time we reach them, we will find that we are no longer satisfied with what they would attain. Still, we must set goals with each year that will help us move forward.

This is no different for the Museum, We are setting goals even as we are trying to meet the ones from last year. We made so much progress. Over the break we reflected on all we had accomplished in 2018. Now we look forward to 2019 with the anticipation of what we can accomplish together will soon outweigh all that has gone before.

We have just finished our Sixth Newsletter and mailed out the first run of them to the Friends of the Museum and some other associates. We are going to mail more soon. Our Goal is to keep all of you informed, to educate, remind and report on what we are doing this Museum for.

With each successive Newsletter, we are going to share what we are doing at the Museum, the histories of our schools, feature influential educators, and share our events and activities. We are going to remember all those who generously support us each year.

As we head into the heart of winter we are going to explore other ways we can connect with the community. One project that we are planning to undertake is a monthly Podcast, that will feature discussion along with Q&A with our Facebook community that will hopefully air in late winter/early spring. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Podcasts, think of it as a radio-show that includes news and discourse about the Museum and Educational history that can be listened to Live and/or at a later time when you have time for it.

As we look into the first days of the new year, we look forward to getting feedback from all of You, on all that we are doing and what you hope to see us doing.

Mike van Vuuren
KCME Staff