Welcome to the School Year 2018-2019

Photo by gpointstudio/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by gpointstudio/iStock / Getty Images

As we watch the new school year unfold in the American education system, the thought comes to me about the unique opportunity that the Museum has: we are witness to history in the making. We are, after all, the Museum of Education and the history of is being made all around us. We have taken the responsibility to preserve the collective histories of the many schools of Knox County and Knoxville City systems as well as those of the private ones within the Knox County borders. We preserve the history that has gone before, but more than that, we witness and report the history that is being made now.

As we approach this new year, we are striving to make sure that everyone around us knows, not only that we are here preserving the past but also witnessing the future as it is being told by the students and teachers around us. We invite all of you, students, teachers, administrators, staff, community leaders, community volunteers to take part in our mission to tell the ongoing story of education in this great county!

Come join us at the museum and add your story to our collections. We want to know about your school's past and present. Share your history with us. 

Michael van Vuuren.
Administrative Clerk
Knox County Museum of Education