August Newsletter news

Our Format is changing. We are going for a more newspaper/magazine approach in which we hope to engage our readership more. The following changes are being made.

  1. The Director's quiz is taking a hiatus in favor of a School focused history piece
  2. We are adding two school themed articles that are social pieces fueled by our Facebook page discussions
  3. We'll be focusing more on new and/ or interesting items that have come into the museum over the last six months.
  4. We are going to incorporate local business Ads for other organizations that don't usually get covered. Also the initial ones will be free and will be more like mini-stories than Ads.
  5. We are shooting for putting out the Newsletter twice a year with the Summer one being 7 1/2 pages and the Winter edition 9 1/2 page (1/2 page is mailing page).

So Friends of the Museum standby for great things to come.