A New Brochure, An Updated Message

When you visit the Museum, you will journey back in time to your school days. Come explore our collection of yearbooks, find carefully written messages in the covers, notes scrawled on the pages, and photographs of long gone but often remembered classmates. This is time traveling, come see that letter jacket your best friend new, the class ring you gave your first girlfriend, your old band uniform from middle school or your son’s daily primer from Elementary.

Explore our range of artifacts like the Amherst School Bell, Mildred Doyle’s legendary desk, class pictures of your grandparents, portraits of your favorite school teacher, that one coach you wished you had thanked for changing your life. Discover our school histories, our professional profiles, find lost family members, old school buildings, mementos thought lost to the passage of time.

All this, and more can be found here at the museum, after all, it is really your museum as it belongs to all of us. What we have has been given by you, entrusting that it will remain here for others to discover and enjoy as much as you did the first time you visited.