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The Museum always is in need of Volunteers.

What would you do?
Volunteers work limited hours assisting staff with the many projects that it takes to keep the Museum open and operational. Volunteers can work as greeters, meeting visitors as they come into the museum, then as tour guides- explaining what can be found and where to look to each visitor that comes in.
We are looking for some people to come in Monday through Friday to work from 3:30-5:30 so we can extend our hours to include people who cannot come earlier.
We are looking for an Artist/Art Teacher to help us design and redo displays.
There is always a lot to do.

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Our Team

The Museum runs because of our team of dedicated Volunteers and staff.

Benna van Vuuren.JPG

benna f. j. van vuuren

1950 Graduate of Knoxville Evening High School, Honorary Graduate of Rule Class of 1960, Founder of the Museum. lifelong educator who has been described as the "soul of the museum" by some. She is the Executive Director of the Museum where she guides the Museum in its path

the it guy


Michael is a Graduate of Doyle High School 1988. He has a Masters of Education. He started as a volunteer, served as a Board member and now serves as Assistant to the Executive Director.

Jody Davis.jpg

Jody Davis

1966 Graduate of Young High School, Jody visited the Museum at Historic Knoxville High School to donate a couple of early KHS annuals A year or so later, he returned to the Museum to make some inquiries about finding any potential information about his mother, a 1935 graduate of KHS. He said he needed some diversion from watching soap operas all day.  He has happily been volunteering since that move

Alan Webb.jpg

alan webb

1971 Young High School Graduate. TDOT retiree, he's been a valued volunteer since early 2014. A key member of the inventory systems of the Museum.

Joseph Sebring

Joe did not go to school in Tennessee but he says that he wishes he did.

Jen davis

We can’t get a picture of Jen without a coffee cup in it. She graduated from Maryville High in 94 but would have been a Grad from Central if her Dad hadn’t moved them out to Maryville instead

ernie murphy.jpg

ernie murphy

1963 Powell High School Graduate. Retired from Oak Ridge National Laboratories. Been a valued volunteer since 2014.


Horace Grissom.jpg

Horace Grissom

1952 Graduate of East High School, Horace saw a newspaper article requesting volunteers at KCME, and is now in his third year of service. You can find this Beautiful Man, Tuesday and Thursday at the most organized work station in the museum.